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From Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde

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From Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde
After the big success of Moçambique by Jorge Andrade in season 17/18, the theatre company from Portugal Mala Voadora is coming back to Luxembourg: this time with a stunning adaptation in English of Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde.
Lady Windermere’s Fan is a play by Oscar Wilde that criticizes the conventions of Victorian society: the moralism of “reputations” and the reduction of “virtue” to a matter of appearance. Instead of a happy ending that results from the hero’s “restoration of truth”, Oscar Wilde builds a plot in which the characters’ happiness is guaranteed by the cunning construction of a lie by a woman of dubious reputation.
To picture this distant Victorian reality, Mala Voadora and director Jorge Andrade took the radio version of Oscar Wilde’s play produced by BBC Radio 7 and directed by David Johnson as a starting point – a record of a past performance, itself an appropriation of a piece from its past. In the performance, a group of actors and dancers try to make this recording their own: doing playback, trying to overlap the recor-ding voices, performing only actions, singing operetta and dancing. Mala Voadora also gave all the characters the appearance of an ideal woman – feminine and elegant – thus confusing the differences between good and bad, men and women, young and old. They invited the dancer and choreographer Miguel Pereira to join them making this show that celebrates diversity.
Lady Windermere’s Fan é uma peça de Oscar Wilde que critica as convenções da sociedade vitoriana: o moralismo das “reputações” e a redução da “virtude” a uma questão de aparência. Em vez de um final feliz que resulte da “reposição da verdade” pelo herói, Oscar Wilde constrói um enredo em que a felicidade das personagens é garantida pela ardilosa construção de uma mentira por uma mulher de reputação duvidosa.
Direction: Jorge Andrade and Miguel Pereira
Set design: José Capela
Costumes: José Capela
Light design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Soundtrack: Jari Marjamäki
With: Carla Bolito, Joana Bárcia, Jorge Andrade, Maria Matos,
Miguel Pereira, Nuno Lucas and Tiago Barbosa
A production: mala voadora and O Rumo do Fumo
Coproduction: Culturgest and Teatro Viriato


  • adultes :20.00 €
  • jeunes de moins de 26 ans :8.00 €
  • Kulturpass :1.00 €


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Théatre National du Luxembourg, 194, Route de Longwy, Merl, Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg, 1941, Luxembourg Carte